Estate Regeneration

We all know that there is a housing crisis in London. The signs are all around us whether they are coming from what we see in estate agent windows, our own housing costs and or those of our family. The figures back this up as well. At the moment there are over 21,000 people on our housing waiting list, 1,800 families in temporary accommodation and 1,300 families living in severely overcrowded conditions, and this problem is growing. Every week between 60 to 80 households apply to join the Council's housing waiting list.

Unfortunately, the number of new social homes being built in the borough has fallen dramatically due to Central Government cuts. In 2010-11, 700 new social homes were built in Lambeth in one year; by 2013-14 this had fallen to 120; the forecast for 2015-16 from housing associations is that just 40 homes for social rent will be built.

Lambeth is at its best when its communities are genuinely mixed and diverse. This means building more social homes, homes at below market rent for families in low pay, secure market rent for those unable to buy, and affordable home ownership for those who can afford it. To do this Lambeth will build 1,000 new homes at council-rent levels over the next four years and we are committed to support the building of another 1,500 homes a year from now to 2025. To do this Lambeth is working on projects across the borough ranging from the small plots of land to regenerating estates. Lambeth has to do this as we don't have the empty land to build on.

As well as this Lambeth is investing £490 million to improve peoples' homes. Unfortunately, Lambeth doesn't have the money it needs to improve people's homes everywhere to the right standard. By regenerating estates, we can fill this gap and give every Council tenant a decent home.

The estates that Lambeth is planning to regenerate are:

While Lambeth has to tackle the housing crisis for future generations, it also has to do its best for its current residents. No one at Lambeth underestimates the potential distress that regenerating an estate could cause for current residents. To reduce this as much as possible, we are committed to keep uncertainty for residents to a minimum by giving all residents the information and support that they need to make the best choices about their and their families' futures.

If you have a question about or would like to talk to someone about the estate regeneration programme please get in touch.