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  1. Our Home Ownership Collections Team have Moved

  2. Detoxed earth for VGERTA's bee-friendly community garden

  3. Painting walls and building bridges

    Build-it redecorates Fern Lodge at request of TRA to revive Community Space May 2016

    When Fern Lodge TRA requested a fresh look for their community hall, it created work experience for local young people

  4. Taking the pulse of Tulse

    Tulse Hill Wednesday Walkabout 6 April 2016 part 1

    Wednesday Walkabout on Tulse Hill Estate collects residents' views,  survey data and comments from guest walkers.


    Workwise is a partnership between Lambeth Housing Services and homelessness charity St Mungo’s to help tenants build skills and get into or back to work. They've just published their first year results.

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